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International Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Since January 01 2020 the journal has changed its name to International Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources - IJANR. Based on the analysis of the state of the art of several scientific journals in the area of agriculture and biological sciences, the journal's editorial body in conjunction with the Scientific Advisory Committee, composed of academics from both UC and other universities, have established a plan for continuous improvement of the editorial activity, including actions such as change of name to English language, development of new web design and implementation of a scientific dissemination system.

Therefore, the editorial committee invites authors to continue sending their contributions in the form of review articles, research articles, research notes and / or essays to the new website, which will be announced in December this year. The journal will continue to publish in the areas of research in agriculture, animal production, forestry, natural resources and other related areas.

For more information about our changes, please send your inquiries to

Vol 49, No 1 (2022)

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Water consumption by agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean: impact of climate change and applications of nuclear and isotopic techniques
Osvaldo Salazar, Cristina Chinchilla-Soto, Sergio de los Santos-Villalobos, Marisol Ayala, Luciano Benavides, Verónica Berriel, Renan Cardoso, Eduardo Chavarrí, Roberto Meigikos dos Anjos, Alba Liz González, Adriana Nario, Antonio Samudio, José Villarreal, Rita Sibello-Hernández, Joseph Govan, Lee Heng

Research Paper

Root transcriptome of Allium mongolicum Regel under drought stress conditions
Ning Tang, Quan-Zhan Chen, Ping Yang, Li-Ke Wang, Bian-Jiang Zhang
Developing a Land Suitability Model for Cereals in the Algerian Sahara Using GIS and Hierarchical Multicriteria Analysis
Koull Naima, Samia Helimi, Adil Mihoub, Sakher Mokhtari, Mohamed Elhafed Kherraze, Hani Amir Aouissi
Snack production from apple (Malus domestica B.) and tomatoes (Lycopersicon escullentum Mill) agglomerates by using different thickening agents
Nelson Eduardo Loyola López, Leonardo Calquin Rivera, Carlos Acuña Carrasco, Mariela Aida Arriola Herrera
Dynamics and prediction of genetic gains through selection indices in (Allium cepa L.) genotypes
Vanessa Cláudia Vasconcelos Segundo, Renato Innecco, Joelson André de Freitas, Gabriel Mascarenhas Maciel, José Magno Queiroz Luz, Ana Paula Oliveira Nogueira, Ana Carolina Silva Siquieroli, Joicy Vitória Miranda Peixoto
Maturation and quality of ‘Isabel Precoce’ grape grown on different rootstocks under semiarid conditions
Paula Lidiane de Oliveira Fernandes do Nascimento, Patrícia Lígia Dantas de Morais, Marlenildo Ferreira Melo, Terezinha Ramalho Neta, Maria Aparecida dos Santos Morais, Carla Sonale Azevedo Soares Silva