Genetic variability in vegetable Chenopodium for morphological and quality traits over different cuttings

Atul Bhargava, Francisco Fuentes, Sudhir Shukla, Shilpi Srivastava, Saijasi Dubey, Deepak Ohri


The present study was performed to assess the genetic parameters for different quantitative and qualitative traits of 13 germplasm lines of Chenopodium spp. The lines were sown in a randomized block design with a plot size of 2 m2, and data were recorded for foliage yield and 8 component traits over 4 successive cuttings. The foliage yield/plot was variable, ranging from 1.07-2.66 t/ha-1 with an average yield of 2.00±0.15. The protein and carotenoid contents averaged 3.70±0.09% and 13.47±0.56 mg 100 g-1, respectively. The range and mean of individual cuttings for plant height, leaf size, protein and foliage yield increased with successive cuttings until the IIIrd cutting, and the yield declined thereafter. High heritability estimates for all the traits under study were obtained for individual cuttings as well as on a pooled basis. High heritability coupled with high genetic gain was observed for foliage yield, carotenoid content and protein content, indicating the presence of additive gene effects.


Chenopodium, cuttings, foliage yield, genetic advance, heritability, protein

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